Why Choose Scisbo?

Your company can feel secure in selecting Scisbo Business Solutions as your business' telecom partner.  Whether you have one office with a few people or hundreds of offices worldwide, Scisbo will help you find the solution that best meets your company's needs.  By leveraging our ongoing strategic relationships with leading carriers, Scisbo has the ability to propose the highest quality telecommunications solutions.

Cost Savings.

By performing a strategic evaluation of our telecom partners' offerings, we can help lower your mobility costs by as much as 25% to 45% -- all at no charge to you.

Cutting-Edge Technology. 

In working closely with over 90 different carriers, Scisbo stays current with all of the latest promotions and developments in the industry. Just as technology changes quickly, so does the telecom industry.  Questions to consider: 

  • Are your current contracts still the best you can get? 
  • Are you getting slapped with long distance surcharges? 
  • Is your bonded T1 still what you need or would it be better to move to an Ethernet, Coax Cable or a Fiber based circuit?
  • Do you know some carriers will pay for your hardware upgrade when switching to their service? 
  • Are you looking to cut down monthly telecom costs while potentially upgrading your equipment and services?  

Exemplary Service. 

Do you have a dedicated representative at your telecom carrier(s) who can support your organization before, during and after contracts are signed?  You will if you work with us.  Our number one priority is to represent and serve your best interests in a dedicated fashion.


Although we maintain a large portfolio of carriers, we remain unbiased.  We will never attempt to steer you to a specific product, company or service if it isn't in your company's best interest.  Our objective is to listen to your business needs, develop a cost-savings strategy and smoothly facilitate your desired results.


We'll quickly secure quotes from multiple carriers that represent possible solutions for your consideration.  Most importantly, we'll make certain you're partnered with the best service provider to ensure your company's productivity, efficiency and success.  

Contact Us regarding your business' telecom needs.