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MPLS vs VPLS for Your Company Network

MPLS and VPLS are two alternative ways of setting up a cost-effective private network for companies with multiple sites.  Both ensure that any site on your network can send data to any other site without inadvertently allowing outsiders to access it.  Some service providers will offer both, while others may have networks better suited to one rather than the other—this makes it challenging to get a straight answer about what you need.

MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching and is a managed service that creates dedicated, labeled paths across the service provider’s network that are used only for your company's traffic.  These paths will carry your IP traffic at layer 3 [1] between sites in a very flexible way [2].  A benefit of MPLS is that it can reach most sites and prioritize important traffic.

VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service, sometimes called E-LAN; it connects the Ethernet in the LANs on your premises across the public network at layer 2, without being aware of the IP traffic that runs on it.  Your IT specialists will have to configure the IP network at layer 3 to make sure that your data goes where you want it to go and is prioritized to suit your requirements.

VPLS is preferable for companies with a strong IT department who want to keep as much control as possible in-house, either to save money or for the enhanced security of not sharing IP addresses with the service provider.  If your organization doesn't have the skills in-house to manage the IP network, then MPLS is probably the best choice for you.  At Scisbo, we’re able to offer both MPLS and VPLS and can give you unbiased advice about what will best suit your organization's needs.  Contact us to find out how to create the most cost-effective network for your business.