MPLS creates flexible networks for multi-site organizations - and you don't have to move all sites at once

If your company has multiple office locations over diverse geographical areas, you’ll benefit from having them connected by a private, secure network.  One advantage of a private secure network is that it allows staff to exchange data and access servers at other sites without the security risks associated with the Internet.  We recommend an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network which is flexible, scalable, secure and cost-effective.

To create an MPLS network with direct connections between your company’s office locations, each site only needs to have a broadband access connection.  The service provider creates the private, secure MPLS network on top of this, at Layer 3 see [1].  Your company network then uses the public network infrastructure—keeping costs low—while maintaining the data separate in a virtual private network (VPN) [2] that provides a secure and scalable solution.

With this approach you can connect sites to the company network in almost any location, even in rural areas.  If offices are relocated or new ones are opened, it’s simple to reconfigure the network to accommodate the new sites.

And if you have network contracts at different sites that expire at different times, they can be transferred to your new MPLS network in stages.  Scisbo can work with your existing network, adding each site into the new network as its contract comes up for renewal.

Traffic on the MPLS network can be prioritized, so critical application data, such as EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale), can be given top priority to make sure your customers aren't kept waiting.  If your company uses VoIP for its voice network, then voice can be given priority over data on the same network, saving on the cost of providing separate SIP trunks.

In short, an MPLS network—based on its flexibility, security, and cost savings—is an excellent way to manage your company’s voice and data.  To learn more about using MPLS at your organization, contact us.