More of the Biggest Social Media Fails from 2016

In a previous post, we listed some of the biggest social media fails of 2016.  However, there were so many of them that we have more for you!  Here are the rest of 2016’s most noteworthy social media fails:

  1. Society Creates a Jerk.  Microsoft made an “AI” Twitter bot that was designed to learn from its users through conversation.  Sounds great, right?  Maybe it would have been if the experiment had gone as planned.  In less than a day, Twitter trolls turned the bot, Tay, into a racist jerk.  Microsoft ended up having to delete Tay’s tweets and put the project on hold.

  2. It’s Good to Be a Girl” Campaign Is Bad, Bad, Bad.  Fashion brand Vera Bradley attempted to modernize its brand by launching the campaign, “It’s Good to be a Girl.”  The company created subway posters with the hashtag, “itsgoodtobeagirl,” that included messages like, “We’ll take a handbag over a briefcase any day,” “That moment when a gentleman offers you his seat,” and “Ordering a soy-milk half-caf vanilla latte without judgment.”  The campaign was derided as a sexist fail by many in its target audience with one tweeter stating that the campaign reduces women to “lipsticks, purses, and subservience.”