Is Your Customer Call Center Hurting Your Business?

With only 24 hours in the day and limited time to waste, customers are becoming increasingly frustrated by poor customer service.  And since most customer service complaints are handled by phone, it is more important than ever that you address inadequacies in your call center.  Below, we identify the top 3 complaints that software provider, Fonolo, reports that people have about calling customer service centers:

  1. Long Hold Times

American consumers waste over 60 million hours on hold.[1]  And when people have lengthy hold experiences with a business, they develop a bad impression of it.  Oftentimes, they’ll share their negative experience with others which ultimately erodes consumer confidence in the business’ brand.

  1. Repeating Information

Have you ever called a company and spoken to a representative who asked for your address?  Then were you transferred to another agent who requested the same thing?  Unfortunately, this is more common than you think and is another reason that customers find it very frustrating to contact call centers—having to repeat information.

  1. Confusing Menu Options

Calling a contact center—and then being confronted with an array of menu options that don’t apply—is another thing that people find irritating.  In particular, they find it even more bothersome when they’re lost in a maze of options and cannot navigate out of the system to speak to a human being.

Not surprisingly, 76% of adults in a recent survey said that just one unpleasant contact center experience was likely to make them take their business elsewhere.[2]  If this is an area in your company that could stand to improve, we recommend that you take steps to streamline the efficiency of your call center by improving your phone menu, making sure that a customer only needs to give information one time throughout a call, and thoroughly training your staff to minimize the time a customer spends on hold while the representatives try to find answers.

And if any of these problems sound like ones that your help desk support team encounters, we’re pleased to announce that Scisbo provides North American-based help desk outsourcing through its business partners for small, mid-size and enterprise organizations.  To learn more, contact us for a no-obligation quote.