Considering Outsourcing Your Help Desk?

In a world where technology issues can loom large, having excellent help desk support is critical.  However, providing that kind of superior service can be difficult for businesses of any size, particularly if their IT staffs are small or overwhelmed.  Fortunately, companies do have the option of outsourcing their help desk operations.  Check out some common outsourcing benefits: 

Reduced Operating Expenses

Having your IT staff assume the role of help desk support can be a costly endeavor when you calculate salaries and benefits.  An outsourced help desk gives you the ability to provide great service while keeping your costs low.  Additionally, you’ll be making the same monthly expenditure for your help desk service, making your IT budgeting simpler.

Increase Employee Productivity

It’s beneficial to your organization when your IT employees can focus on strategic initiatives that have a positive impact on your bottom line, rather than troubleshooting help desk concerns. 

Customizable Training

Help desk support specialists have special training enabling them to provide exceptional service; they can also support in-house applications or third party apps.  Furthermore, you can contract for 24/7 support or 9/5 support, depending on the needs of your firm.

Trouble Ticketing Systems

Rather than taking a haphazard approach to troubleshooting, outsourcing offers a trouble ticketing system, online reporting tools, and escalation processes.  In this way, you can better manage your IT help desk issues and track those problems that arise most frequently. 

If you’re looking to learn more, contact Scisbo for a no-obligation quote.  We’re pleased to provide North American-based help desk outsourcing through our business partners for small, mid-size and enterprise organizations.