Are You at Risk of Losing Sensitive Data by Ignoring BYOD?

An employee asks you if she can set up her new personal smartphone to access work emails and the company contact management system while she’s visiting clients.  It may sound reasonable, and there are a whole range of new line-of-business apps available online that are supposed to bring productivity gains.  However, many employers are worried about saying yes to bring your own device (BYOD).

What happens, for instance, to the company data on a personal device when the employee leaves the organization?  The cost of acquiring the tools needed to manage a BYOD program, and the staff time needed to do it has to be weighed against the supposed increase in productivity and the savings on supplying the devices.

However, there may be similar risks in simply ignoring BYOD.  How many of your employees already have their personal mobile phones and tablets hooked up to your company's network?  They may even be using cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to access work documents remotely without your knowing.  Doing nothing may not be cost or risk free.

A range of vendors now offer sophisticated mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) software; these enable functionality such as device enrollment, policy application and enforcement, and remote and selective wipe of corporate data from personal devices.  Yet the range of solutions is large and the field is rapidly evolving, so making a decision about what to use isn’t always straightforward.

Scisbo can provide you with a solution to manage the risks of BYOD, giving you the chance to experiment with apps that will keep your employees productive even when they aren't in the office.