AllJoyn: An Open Initiative that Aims to Make Smart Homes a Reality

Smart homes and offices are easy to create in new buildings, but most of us buy items piecemeal once they need replacing.  Increasingly, we’re going to find that what we buy, whether it’s a TV, sound system, or coffee maker, is capable of being controlled from a smartphone or tablet (See our Internet of Things post).  But will these smart appliances work?  Oftentimes, new technology over-promises and under delivers.

AllJoyn, a Qualcomm-led open source software development project [1], aims to change all of that.  It provides a common language for devices from different manufacturers, which makes establishing smart homes and offices a snap.

At the moment, you can get smart devices for media, heating, lighting and cars.  You can even get smart plant monitors and pet feeders.  Unfortunately, they can't “talk” to each other or work together.  The AllJoyn project aims to create an open gateway that will take the hassle out of connecting your devices, allowing them to communicate with each other.  This revolutionary change will make it easy to play a guest's music through your sound system, reset all the clocks in your home and office with one click, or have your car open the garage door and start the coffee.

The AllJoyn system includes an onboarding service that takes the pain out of configuration—the new device creates a soft Wi-Fi access point and the existing devices recognize this and create a link.

Currently, technology exists to control your heating or to notify you via smartphone that the freezer door has been left open.  However, each device requires a separate app.  AllJoyn enables all manufacturers to use the same Linux software stack and to share the same user interfaces, so multiple devices bought separately can work together to create a smart home or office.

At Scisbo, we’re excited about the potential of AllJoyn and we’re pleased to announce that we are a participant.  We look forward to bringing you new and better services, driven by the AllJoyn project.