A New Mobile App Pays for Selfies

With a click of the camera on your phone, you may not get Hollywood to come calling, but you could make some extra money.  Pay Your Selfie, an app that launched late last year, pays you for selfies.

The process is a fairly straightforward one.  After downloading the app, you can view a list of selfie tasks.  These can range from things like taking a selfie while you're brushing your teeth with Crest or posing with your favorite energy bar.  Each selfie task pays between .20 and $1.  Once you've banked $20, Pay Your Selfie mails you a check.

Naturally, that leads to the question, “Why would a company pay for images of strangers?”  The answer is data.  By viewing the time of day, gender, and location in a person's home, marketers can obtain valuable information that they may not be able to get otherwise.

For instance, when P&G's toothpaste division ran the aforementioned Crest task, they learned that a lot of people brush their teeth before dinnertime between 4-6pm.  Marketers can use information like this to drive product sales.  For instance, Crest may choose to use this data by running advertisements with a marketing message about the importance of freshening your breath before an evening meal.

As you can see, Pay Your Selfie sounds intriguing, but is it worth it to give up some of your privacy to earn a little extra cash?  It depends who you ask.  Common Sense Media reports that Pay Your Selfie incentivizes sharing by rejecting selfies that don't share enough information.  The organization suggests that the app “ultimately sends unhelpful messages about what's valuable and acceptable for kids to share online.”

On the other hand, millennials who are already comfortable sharing through social media may find that the extra pocket money overrules any concerns about privacy.  In fact, according to Adweek, the app has attracted 100,000 users and has received over 500,000 selfies to date.

Say cheese!