Transform your Organization! 5 Characteristics of Successful Change Agents

What is it about great leaders that make them so effective at facilitating change?  Is it luck?  Goodwill?  We have the answer right here!  Below we've identified some of the most common characteristics of successful change agents:

  1. They're Flexible.  Leaders have a clear vision of the goals they wish to achieve.  However, they understand that sometimes things don't go exactly as planned.  Rather than get upset by that, they adjust.  Their flexibility allows them to quickly react to unexpected fluctuations in the marketplace while still accomplishing their objectives.

  2. They're Great at Mobilizing Others.  Change doesn't happen in a vacuum; it requires the buy-in of upper management, peers, and subordinates.  Great change agents understand this; they effectively communicate the benefits of change to those involved so that others are similarly motivated to make the transformation a successful one.

  3. They're Persistent.  If you want to make change happen, you can't give up at the first sign of resistance.  Instead you need to continue by remaining focused on the overall goal.  Successful change agents realize that not everyone is ready for change at the same moment, but they are patient and persistent until their objective is accomplished.

  4. They Take Responsibility.  Some people shirk at the notion of responsibility.  Not so with effective change agents.  They take responsibility for the success or failure of their change initiatives and are energized—rather than discouraged—by any challenges that confront them.  This attitude makes them resourceful and confident in the face of obstacles that might flummox others.

  5. They Are Strategic.  Change isn't accomplished overnight.  Great change agents understand this, develop a strategy for achieving the transformation they seek, and then take steps to achieve it.  They couple discernment and timing to strategically accomplish their objectives.