4 Creative Ways to Market your Business with Snapchat

Snapchat, a mobile app that allows users to send videos and pictures that self-destruct, has grown increasingly popular with millennials.  That said, if millennials are your company’s target audience, you may want to consider using this app for brand promotion.  Below we offer up some creative ideas for doing that:

  1. Offer Access to Live Events.  Want to promote your product launch or trade show?  Social Media Examiner suggests that Snapshat is the perfect vehicle for doing just that.  By providing your audience with special access to live events (with behind-the-scenes videos or celebrity interviews, for example), you can generate interest and excitement in your event.

  2. Pair with an Influencer.  Keeping your audience entertained is paramount on Snapchat.  One great way to do that is to team up with an influencer who is appealing to your target audience.  For example, Red Bull allowed snowboarder champion, Mark McMorris, to control its Snapchat account so users could see inside his sports lifestyle.  This campaign was a perfect fit for Red Bull, helping the company to reach McMorris’ large fan base.

  3. Hold Contests.  Want to generate enthusiasm among your users?  Consider promoting a contest on Snapchat.  For instance, you could invite users to submit their best picture, video, or drawing to win a prize.  The prize could be first dibs at your new product line, cash, or special VIP access to an upcoming event.  Think outside the box and plan a contest that is quirky, but still relevant to your brand.

  4. Have Fun with It.  As a platform, Snapchat allows you to be creative and less serious than you might be on other marketing platforms.  Use this to your advantage.  By way of example, Amazon had employees carve pumpkins and then posted their creations to Snapchat, asking users to vote on their favorites.  This lighthearted marketing approach increased engagement while subtly encouraging Snapchat followers to view the company as a fun brand.