6 Tips for Effective Delegating

If the thought of asking someone to do something for you causes you to cringe, read on.  We've got tips to help you become far more successful at delegating:

  1. Analyze Your Needs.  First, you'll need to determine what you want to delegate.  For people who are uncomfortable delegating, it helps to start with a small project.  Doing so will make it easier to relax and trust the project will be completed successfully.

  2. Pick the Right Person.  Once you've analyzed your needs, determine whether there are any special skills required to do the job successfully.  With those considerations in mind, identify the best person to tackle the job.

  3. Offer an Explanation.  Now that you've selected someone, it's time to delegate!  Meet with the individual you've chosen and explain why you're asking them to do the job.  For instance, you might tell a team member, “I'm asking for your assistance in creating a social media strategy for Brand XYZ, because you successfully created our widgets' marketing strategy.”

  4. Be Specific.  To really excel at delegation, you need to be specific.  Tell the individual you've selected exactly what you need done and when you need it by.  For example, you might request a social media strategy in 2 weeks that's designed to increase Facebook followers by 10% over the next 6 months.

  5. Trust.  For many people, this is the most challenging aspect of delegation—relaxing and trusting that the person you've delegated to will successfully accomplish the job in the way you wanted.  However, it's important to remember here that you chose this person for a reason.  Rather than micromanaging their work, instead take a more hands-off approach and just ask for regular status updates.

  6. Say Thanks.  People like to be rewarded for hard work.  Rather than ignoring someone's successful completion of your project, say thanks and let them know how appreciative you are.  Doing so is more likely to ensure your future delegation efforts are just as effective.