5 Ways to Socialize When You Work From Home

Working from home definitely has its can wear your PJs all day, venture out to a matinee, and set your own hours.  However, working from home offers few opportunities for human interaction—unless you make a deliberate effort to socialize, you can go days without talking to anyone.  Fortunately, we've got some pointers to make working from home more social:

  1. Go to Meetups. connects people with similar interests.  Simply set up an account, look for groups that interest you, then join them.  Having said that, it isn't enough just to join.  When your meetups schedule social events, attend them.  You can meet plenty of people and over time, you'll start to recognize attendees and begin forming friendships with them.

  2. Create or Attend a Jelly.  A jelly is a work event that takes place in someone's home or a coffee shop.  It gives freelancers and remote workers the opportunity to work alongside others in a welcoming environment.  To look for jellies in your area, click here.

  3. Join a Sports Teams.  A team is an excellent way to form close connections.  Most sports teams meet once or twice a week, giving people the chance to socialize while having “fit fun.”  In just one season, you'll be surprised at how quickly you've come to view your teammates as friends.

  4. Schedule Lunches and Coffee Dates.  A little planning can go a long way toward helping you socialize.  Aim to get at least 2 lunches or coffee dates on your calendar each week.  These events will give you something to look forward to and prevent you from becoming too isolated.

  5. Go to a Religious Service and/or Volunteer.  A place of worship is a great way to meet local people in your area, and most religions are especially welcoming of newcomers.  If religion isn't your thing, consider volunteering.  As with places of worship, most volunteer organizations love new people and they're happy to have additional help.