5 Unusual Holidays to Celebrate Between Now and Labor Day

If you're disappointed that Independence Day has passed and Labor Day seems so far away, we've got some good news for you...there are plenty of fun holidays to celebrate in the interim.  Behold some of the most unusual ones:

  1. Teddy Bear Picnic Day.  Celebrated on July 10th, this is the perfect opportunity to take your teddy bear on that picnic you've been dreaming about.  Nobody will look at you strangely at all.  Actually, while we can't guarantee that last statement, you'll have better odds of avoiding stares if you bring the kids with you.

  2. Take Your Plants for a Walk Day.  Are your plants cooped up indoors?  Have you sensed they've been longing for some fresh air?  If that's the case, grab your wheelbarrow, throw your plants in it, and take them on a stroll around the neighborhood.  So as not to look like an oddball, do this on the date the holiday falls, July 27th.

  3. National S'mores Day.  Have a hankering for graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolatey goodness?  Get a campfire going and plan on indulging August 10th.  Enjoy your snack guilt-free—after all, you're celebrating a holiday!

  4. National Thrift Shop Day.  If shopping at thrift stores is your idea of entertainment, you may want to mark National Thrift Shop Day, August 17th, on your calendar.  This holiday makes for the perfect occasion to listen to Macklemore while selecting some new duds at the thrift shop.

  5. More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  We'd feel remiss if we didn't balance out National S'mores Day with a healthy alternative.  Enter the catchily named More Herbs, Less Salt Day, celebrated on August 29th.  The holiday means exactly what you think it means—rather than seasoning your food with lots of salt, choose fresh herbs instead.