5 Tips for Hiring a Freelancer

Today it's becoming more and more common to outsource various projects to freelancers.  While the process can seem overwhelming if you've never done it before, it actually can be fairly simple.  Read on to learn our tips for selecting a great freelancer:

  1. Determine the End Result.  Before even visiting a freelancer website, you should know exactly what your desired end result is.  Begin by answering questions like:  What deliverables do I need?  When do I need them by?  Which skills will the freelancer need to have?  Once you can answer these questions, you'll be ready to post your job on a freelancing website.

  2. Select a Freelancing Site.  There are plenty of websites out there that connect employers with freelancers.  To get you started, we recommend you check out Upwork, Authentic Jobs, and  Upwork offers contractors for marketing, writing, IT development, admin work, and everything in between, whereas Authentic Jobs and are more focused on IT development/design contractors.

  3. Write the Job Description.  It's tempting to just write a line or two, but we suggest that you write a detailed job description instead.  For instance, rather than saying, “Create copy for my website,” you probably want to be more specific: “Write 200-300 words per page in a whimsical style for 5 new web site pages.  The writing should be similar in tone to the XYZ website.”  Not only will this ensure the likelihood that you'll get more accurate bids, but it will also minimize the number of unqualified people who submit proposals.

  4. Review Portfolios.  Don't just assume that a contractor can do the work based on his proposal. Instead, ask to see samples of previous work and review professional feedback before extending a job offer.

  5. Assign Milestones.  For shorter jobs, you're only going to have 1 milestone.  However, if you have a more complex job, assign milestones for each part of the project.  This will allow you to create clear guidelines as to which deliverables are expected and when they are due.  This type of clarification at the onset will increase the likelihood of your project's success!