5 Tips for Greater Job Satisfaction

Contrary to what you may currently believe, it is possible to enjoy your job more than you do today.  Read on to learn how you can experience greater happiness at work:

  1. Challenge Yourself.  One reason people grow to dislike their jobs is boredom.  To overcome a sense of monotony, think of ways that you can challenge yourself.  Can you take on a new project at work that you feel passionate about?  Can you get additional training on a new skill you'd like to learn?  Try to think outside-the-box to determine ways you can enjoy your work responsibilities more.

  2. Change Your Attitude.  Attitude has a huge impact on our overall job satisfaction.  Rather than allowing yourself to dwell on all of those things that you hate about your job, start thinking about those things you appreciate.  While it may sound overly simplistic, a positive mindset really can alter how you feel about your job as a whole.

  3. Don't Hang Out with Haters.  Chances are there are a group of cynical complainers at your workplace.  Maybe you're even one of them.  However, these people are unlikely to support you in your efforts to think more positively.  Try to avoid spending too much time with cynics and gravitate to people who have a better outlook.  As Forbes explains, “Spending time with colleagues who have a more balanced view can dramatically shift your emotional response to your job.”

  4. Take Regular Breaks.  When you feel yourself starting to get overwhelmed, take a short break.  Even 5 minutes outdoors or a quick trip to the coffee pot can be enough to recharge your energy and outlook.

  5. Avoid Multitasking.  It's tempting to try to do too many things at once.  However, research shows that multitasking slows down productivity and even lowers your IQ!  Instead, do one task at a time while minimizing distractions.  In the long run, not only will you get more done, but you'll also experience greater peace of mind.