5 Smart Strategies to Prevent Burnout

With the ability to respond to emails and texts around the clock, it's now easier than ever for our work lives to consume our personal lives.  When this occurs, we often pay a price—burnout.  To avoid experiencing this common condition, we've identified some strategies to prevent burnout:

  1. Exercise.  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), exercise is a fantastic way to prevent burnout.  After studying individuals who engaged in 4 weeks of regular exercise, the NIH reported, “Cardiovascular exercise was found to increase well-being and decrease psychological distress, perceived stress, and emotional exhaustion.  Resistance training was noticeably effective in increasing well-being and personal accomplishment and to reduce perceived stress.”

  2. Say “No” More Often.  Burnout and perfectionism are closely linked.  For that reason, it's important for perfectionists to realize that they don't need to do everything.  Become more comfortable saying “no” to time-consuming, undesirable requests.

  3. Meditate.  The higher up the corporate ladder you are, the more likely it is you have a stressful job that comes with a high risk of burnout.  To avoid that scenario, take a page from these CEOs' playbooks and practice meditating.  Doing so will help you feel more balanced and centered.

  4. Schedule Time for Yourself.  The only person who can create time in your busy schedule for relaxation is YOU.  Rather than writing personal time off as unimportant, give yourself a full day each week to relax and recharge.  Taking this time for yourself will give your mood a boost, making it easier for you to avoid burnout.

  5. Ask for Help.  Many people fear asking for help.  They worry that if they do so, they risk looking weak or incompetent.  However, consider this a case where your worst fears are likely to be unfounded.  Typically when someone approaches us for help, we're happy to offer it and don't think poorly of the requester.  Assume that other people are viewing you with a similarly generous spirit.