5 Great Reasons to Look for a New Job

Have you been on the fence about finding a new job?  If so, read on. We have some great reasons why finding a new job might be the perfect career decision for you in 2017:

  1. Economics.  Don't go down with a sinking ship!  If you're seeing signs of impending doom at your employer like layoffs and financial losses, consider it time to move on.  Rather than waiting around until you're unemployed, take proactive steps to find a new job in a company that's financially sound.

  2. No Room for Advancement.  Do you work in one of those companies where the only way to move up is to wait for your 40-year-old manager to die?  Rather than secretly wishing for your boss to pass away, begin looking for employment elsewhere. Interestingly enough, lack of career advancement is the most popular reason people change jobs.

  3. Boredom.  While most jobs are boring at times, you should definitely consider leaving your job if boredom is your dominant feeling between the hours of 9-5.  Look for a job that you'll find challenging, but not overwhelming.  That's the type of job that keeps people interested and feeling fulfilled.

  4. Dread.  Does Monday morning fill you with dread?  Do you ever sit in your car and cry before you head into your job?  If so, it's time to find a new job stat!  Rather than continuing to tolerate a job you despise, start looking for something that's going to make you feel happier.  Your personal wellbeing is too important to continue in a job like this one.

  5. Hostile Environment.  Is your boss a yeller?  Do your coworkers take credit for your ideas?  Is your office filled with backstabbers?  Some companies foster toxic cultures.  Instead of remaining in such an unpleasant atmosphere, polish up your resume, start networking, and begin planning your exit strategy.