5 Elements of a Successful Home Page

Would you like to have a website that sets you apart from your competitors?  Of course you would!  Read on to learn how to create a successful home page by incorporating these 5 elements:

  1. Use Mobile Responsive Design.  By this, we mean that your website should automatically change to fit the screen that an individual is viewing it on.  This will present your products and services in an aesthetically pleasing way, preventing users from leaving the site because it didn’t render well on their mobile device.  With nearly 50% of people using smartphones to visit sites, this should be your top design priority.

  2. Keep It Above the Fold.  The most important elements on your home page should remain above the fold, meaning that your site visitors should be able to view these items on your page without needing to scroll.

  3. Include Several CTAs.  A CTA is a call-to-action.  Essentially, it tells your site visitor to take a specific action (i.e. “Try us free for a month,” or “Sign up here for our newsletter.”).  By failing to include CTAs on your home page, you’re missing a huge opportunity to attract more blog readers, sign up people for your newsletter, have your demo downloaded, etc.

  4. Use a Bold Supporting Image.  The web is a highly visual medium.  Select an image that reflects your brand’s spirit and makes visitors want to learn more about your company.  For instance, Inbound Marketing Agents cites the Ralph Lauren website as a great example of this.  The site consistently wins awards for its visuals, because the company does such a great job of embodying the brand’s style and elegance.

  5. Write a Compelling Headline.  According to Hubspot, visitors will assess your website in a mere 3 seconds.  For this reason, you need to write a clear, simple headline that immediately conveys what your site has to offer.