4 Ideas for Performing SEO Competitive Analysis

If your website isn’t number 1 in Google search results, you probably want to improve your rankings.  A great way to get insight on how to do that is to see what your primary competitors are doing.  For instance, check out the competitors in your location or industry that are ranked the highest and evaluate their websites for some of the following:

  1. Helpful Pages – Do your competitors have pages that you don’t offer that your customers might consider useful?  If so, this is a prime opportunity for you to “bulk up” your website by adding more relevant pages.  A higher number of web pages will increase your search engine rankings if they’re relevant and not done merely to trick search engine algorithms.[1]

  2. Inbound Links – What websites are linking to your competitors?  As you probably know, quality inbound links increase a website’s search engine rankings.  To find out your competitors’ inbound links, visit Small SEO Tools’ Backlink Checker.  Once you have this information in hand, strive to not only match all of your competitors’ inbound links but also to obtain new ones.

  3. Reviews – See what reviews are available online about your competitors.  For example, if you offer a dry cleaning business, go to Google and search for “dry cleaning YourCity, Your State.”  This should show you a list of local dry cleaners, as well as websites with written reviews about those businesses, like Yelp and Google.  Get a sense for how many people reviewed your competitors; reviews increase organic search engine rankings so strive to increase your number of reviews by asking customers to leave positive feedback if they were happy with your service.

  4. Content – Google loves fresh content and this is another area where you’ll want to see what your competitors are doing.  Do they have blogs?  How often are they updated?  Do they regularly send out press releases and archive them on their websites?  Get a feel for how often they update their content and strive to do the same or better.