3 Ways to Recover from a Bad Job Interview

So, you've had a bad interview.  Don't worry, it happens.  Rather than let it get to you, we have some tips to help you recover.  Read on to learn the best ways to handle a less than successful interview:

  1. Think Positively.  Oftentimes, we'll catastrophize very minor things and conclude that an interview went horribly.  However, we tend to be our own harshest critic.  Rather than believing that your failure to answer a question as completely as you would have liked has doomed you from a great job, we'd instead encourage you to focus on all of the things that went well.  Dwelling on your perceived interview failure only makes it that much harder for you to have confidence the next time you interview.  Furthermore, we've probably all heard stories from people who worried about how they performed in an interview only to later discover that they got the job.  You could be one of those people!

  2. Send a Thank You.  You should do this after every interview, but it's particularly important if you were uncomfortable with your interview performance.  Consider the thank you as a way of doing damage control.  While you don't want to harp on your mistakes, you might say something like, “I've had time to reflect about that question you asked me earlier, and I'd like to elaborate on my answer by sharing an experience where I successfully handled a challenging problem at work.”  This gives you the opportunity to present additional information that will make you a more attractive candidate.

  3. Avoid Rehashing on Social Media.  More and more employers are checking job applicants' social media profiles.  Rather than firing up Facebook to post about your “horrific” job interview, keep mum and practice discretion.  Remember that even if the employer you interviewed with never checks social media, another prospective employer could.