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Scisbo's corporate advertising products

Scisbo's MyAssistant is a radically innovative corporate advertising program featuring Scisbo's unique two-way conversational common speech interface that provides mobile advertisements and promotions tailored specifically to the end user. For instance, if a user expresses an interest in coffee, MyAssistant can recommend the closest coffee shop, provide detailed information about its product, suggest a coffee drink suitable to the user's tastes and even provide a virtual coupon. This one-to-one, real time, interactive communication of user-requested information ensures the highest degree of relevancy.

Total mobile ad spending is a multi-billion industry. Clearly, voice services and the mobile phone markets are gaining traction and consumers are more receptive to interacting with voice technologies. Scisbo has the clear and comprehensive solution to the challenge of unifying the public's increasing desire for mobility, connectivity and interactivity as well as corporations' needs for highly targeted mobile advertising.

Scisbo's unique advertising model: Scisbo's user experience is compelling. Scisbo's MyAssistant is a trusted friend essentially becoming an electronic buzz agent that is equipped with the consumer's preferences. Scisbo's mobile advertising product utilizes demographic and behavioral targeting, predictive analytics and creative optimization to create an overall compelling, noninvasive, personalized "ad experience."

Scisbo's corporate advertising products follow a similar design to today's Internet-based advertising. The SeamlessAI™ Program is an in-conversation advertising module that directly integrates into your MyAssistant to promote products and services to users in a friendly, interactive fashion. Corporate advertisers are charged for the development of the advertising module as well as a per hit and depth of hit basis. Additionally, Scisbo's FlavorPromotions and Analytics™ Program is designed for corporate advertisers to determine product interest through data-mining and analysis and can also serve as a vehicle for offering product promotions. Our Flavor Promotions and Analytics program provides statistical information to our corporate advertisers about consumer inquiries pertaining to their products and services.

Scisbo's advertising model consists of two different programs. The first advertisement program is Scisbo SeamlessAI. The second program is called Scisbo FlavorPromotions and Analytics.

  • Scisbo SeamlessAI™ - This is a two-part program where Scisbo developers work with corporate advertisers to develop a module that can directly integrate with your MyAssistant personalities. Assistants are therefore "trained" to answer specific questions about a company's products and services and even check to see if there are posted promotions for the product of interest. In addition to the cost of developing this module, corporate clients are charged based on inquiries (aka "hits") and the depth of each inquiry/hit. Leveraging the one-on-one interaction between the user and your MyAssistant, advertisements will have a much higher success rate.

A possible dialogue between MyAssistant and Scisbo users that exemplifies the integration of your MyAssistant personality with the Scisbo SeamlessAI may be as follows:

User: Where can I find the closest Dunkin Donuts?
MyAssistant: The closest to your location is on 23rd Street, four blocks west of where you are. Are you going to have your afternoon cafe mocha again?
User: Yeah, I need a little pick me up.
MyAssistant: Have you tried the new Starbucks Marble Mocha Macchiato? It's a nice blend of light and dark chocolate, and I know how you like chocolate.
User: Sure, what's in it.
MyAssistant: It's got white chocolate, dark chocolate, espresso and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and more chocolate.
User: Is it fattening?
MyAssistant: If you're watching your weight, all you need to do is ask for non-fat milk and no whipped cream. That whipped cream will put pounds on you fast.
User: How much does it cost?
MyAssistant: It's $3. But I have a coupon for you. Even without the coupon, this drink is worth the extra dollar.
User: Sure, so where's the closest Starbucks?
MyAssistant: It's even closer than the Dunkin Donuts, it's two blocks east of where you are.

  • Scisbo SeamlessAI Pricing: Fees associated with the SeamlessAI design including module development, AI training and dialog flow will vary depending on the complexity (i.e. size and number of products) and development resources required. Hit prices are priced at 10 cents per hit and $1 per deep hit.
  • Scisbo FlavorPromotions and Analytics™ - By using AI methodologies in our technology system, we're positioned to data-mine the user's responses and questions. In essence, we're able to track the user's likes and dislikes. These data-mining and analytical techniques will determine a user's level of interest for a specific product. Using data collected from the users' preferences and users' previous responses, MyAssistant is able to promote relevant information regarding corporate advertisers' products and services. Advertisers' customers receive text, email or on-screen promotional information (i.e. a coupon) regarding products and services that match with your customers' expressed area or product of interest.
  • Scisbo FlavorPromotions and Analytics Corporate Pricing: Contact Us for customized data retrieval and statistical report. The associated fee for the FlavorPromotions and Analytics report will be on an as-requested basis and provide highly relevant/customized information that highlights general (i.e. non-individual) statistics relevant to the corporate industry and product. This customized report consists of specific preference and geographical information.